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Had a new deck screen door installed. It is hard to open and close and cannot lock. What do you suggest?

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Sep 27, 2022

by: Adrian

Hopefully its just something simple and all you have to do is loosen the screws for the bottom rollers and the door starts rolling easily again.

Usually when you put in a new screen door the hasp for the old lock does not line up with the new lock. When I install a new door a new hasp comes with the new door so i install it all together and make sure it works properly.

With luck all you have to do is move the hasp up or down so it engages with the screen door lock. But you have to get the door gliding smoothly first before you can attempt to adjust the locking.

If they cut the door too tall it may be difficult to move. The only way to fix that is shorten the door. It may only be 1/8 inch to tall but that can make it hard to open.

As well if there is a track at the top and one of the rollers has slipped out of the track it can make the door hard to open (and hard to remove).

Hope this helps and you get the door working good. Dont leave it hard to open because the door will end up destroying itself because you have to pull hard on it to open

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