Need to wash the outside of the upper window

by Kathy T

So, when the window is up, the screen is in the way and it can’t be washed properly from the outside. When the window is down, the outside of the window is blocked by the window below.

We can’t find any way to remove the glass or the screen.

Usually there is a break in the frame allowing the glass to slide out at the bottom (or top) and pull towards you and slide the glass out of the frame.

There is no break in the frame to allow this

And, raising the screen or trying to lower it below the frame and then slightly bend the screen and pull out doesn’t work either.

See photos.

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Jul 17, 2020

by: Adrian

I am pretty sure that on one side of the movable sash you have foam rubber behind the track that guides the sash

Push the whole window to the left or the right, it should move further in one direction than the other and allow one side of the glass to come out

Sometimes when the foam rubber is old it is very hard to push because it becomes brittle and stiff but with a little work it should still come out

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