Need to know different sizes of Black Flat Spline

by Brian
(Orange Park, Florida)

My screen has what might be an odd ball size of Black Flat Spline width is .2625" by .081" thick about 17/64" by a little more then 5/64" I believe there has been some shrinkage. Would you happen to have the different sizes of Black Flat Spline?

Thank you

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Feb 15, 2023

by: Adrian

95 % of the Lanai's and screen porches in Florida seem to use flat spline .09375 x .34375 or 3/32" x 11/32"

Some of them use a slightly curved spline that is almost the same size. .09375 x .3125 or 3/32" x 5/16"

Your spline is almost 3/32" thick and you are probably right it has shrunk. But the width of 1/4" is a little too small to have shrunk down from 11/32".

Your spline must be something special that was made specifically for the company that made your screen porch.

The only thing I can suggest is finding a local door and window repair store that may have glazing vinyl normally used for trimming out around the perimeter of glass.

Sometimes I have been able to use glazing vinyl that close enough in size to work in replacing a unique spline size.

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