My #Pella #stormdoor is stuck closed

by Al
(Trenton, Michigan )

Cutting frame to reveal latch release

Cutting frame to reveal latch release

Pelli 8" storm door won't open
The catch won't disengage
Both handles are removed
How do I disengage the catch ?

Hi Al;

I found pictures at DIY Forum that seem to be your exact problem.

In the picture, the handles are removed like yours and the homeowner cuts the frame away to reveal the latch release.

Seems strange why Pella didnt make a hole in the frame for this purpose right from the factory.

Before going too much further might be good to check with Pella to see if they have any kind of guarantee with this door. In the very least, if they give you a new latch at no charge that would be great. Bur check first.

You could also accomplish the same thing as the DIY forum example by drilling a hole with a drill bit the same diameter as the width of the slot.

You need to be really careful when you drill through or cut the opening with a dremel saw not to damage the lock underneath.

Once you have a hole you can use a small flat blade screwdriver to push the latch over and open the door.

You will very likely need a new lock, as the spring inside has probably broken. If you cant get help from Pella let me know and I will see if the lock is available.

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