Multipoint Sliding patio door lock broken

by Lori C
(Irving, TX, USA)

Outside handle with key

Outside handle with key

My Jen-weld sliding door lock broke. I can’t find this brand to replace it. Any ideas?
I can do it myself if I have the right hardware ( no matter what my husband thinks, lol)

Hi Carol;

The first thing that you need to know is whether the handle and latch is broken or the lock itself.

The handle and latch is a custom color, and its keyed which makes it hard to find. Most likely, only available from Jeld-Wen.

It would be good to take the handle off completely and try to operate the lock just with a screwdriver blade.

That would rule out which of the two components is bad. I am guessing its the lock because usually a spring breaks inside and the two hasps no longer come out when you try to lock the door.

The lock itself appears to be a available on the Strybuc website but the picture they provide is really small and has very little detail.

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