Mortise style lock needed for sliding door

by Ken H
(Denver, CO)

I recently bought my first house that has a sliding glass door on it. Originally the door had a mortise style lock. The old owners must have broken something and they replaced the whole setup with a just a surface mount handle that doesn't lock! (they just used a wood block for actual locking).

The holes on the handle are 4-15/16" apart. The mounting holes for the mortise lock itself are 3-11/16" apart. When I search for a mortise lock with handle holes that are 4-15/16" apart, I can only find double mortise locks which won't fit in the door. So I'm just trying to start from scratch here. The door is slightly over 1-1/8" thick.

Please let me know if you need any other dimensions! I'm not looking for anything fancy. Just a white handle, single mortise lock and an offset keeper.

Hi Ken

I have a kit which comes with the handle and mortise lock E2014 which has 3-11/16" mounting holes. The handle is white and comes with the thumbturn lock actuator. The hole centers in the handle should match what is very likely still in the door.

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