Mortise Lock with a "Gap"?

by Scott

Old vs New Comparison

Old vs New Comparison

The mortise lock on my sliding glass door broke and I went to replace it with an E 2014 lock. However, when I tried to replace it, I found that there is a gap/offset between the flange that gets screwed to the door and the lock face (see image). When I put in the new lock that has virtually no gap, it was no longer flush with the door and even if I turned the set screw to push out the locking mechanism as far as possible, it still couldn't lock, let alone that it didn't look good since it wasn't flush.

Where can I buy one with a bigger gap there like mine? All of the ones I can find online appear to have the small gap like the new one I bought.

I've considered just getting a new lock/bar on the frame side (or putting a piece or wood or something behind it to move it out), but this really isn't a nice solution since the lock still would not be flush when installed.

Thanks for any help!

Hi Scott;
Thanks for coming up with a real interesting problem.

The company that made that door changed a small feature on the most popular mortise lock in North America to make it their own forcing door buyers to get the replacement locks from them.

One way to solve the problem would be to open up the cases of both locks and transfer all the new lock parts to the old case. The cases are usually held together by bent tabs which can be unbent with a flat blade screwdriver.

I am guessing the spring inside the old case will be the only broken part, you might get away with just replacing that because not much else wears out in these locks.

You might also try cutting off the tabs on the new lock and gluing them back on in the new position with some incredibly strong epoxy adhesive like JB Weld

Or if you know someone with a TIG welder have them weld the tabs back on.

Thats all I can come up with at the moment, hope it helps

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Sep 24, 2022
by: Anonymous

What's the name of the company that sells this older style?

Nov 27, 2018
by: Scott

I could tell that the spring was broken and my first instinct was to open the old one and replace the spring as you suggested. However, I didn't think I could open the case without ruining it. Turns out I was wrong. After reading your reply, I decided to try it out and was open to open and close the case relatively easily. Put in the new spring and re-installed it into the door and it works great again. Thanks for the response!

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