Mortise lock security sleeve?

by Jason

I believe I have an E2014. It no longer works and I also had a small coil spring fall out of it. I secured the catch with vice grips and removed the two mounting screws, however the lock will not come out. It only slides up and down. It appears to be mounted in a metal sleeve that covers the face and both sides of the lock. The handle mounting screws holes are screwed through this plate as well. It seems to be a three sided sleeve that the mortise is attached to and it slides up and down with the mortice as if one unit. No way to get the mortise out of the hole to remove. Is this some kind of security sleeve? Do I need to remove the door to slide it out the bottom?

Yes, if the lock (and sleeve) will drop to the bottom of the door you could remove the door bottom and remove the old lock.

You might only have to remove the screw holding the rail on at the bottom of the door but be prepared to remove the whole door bottom rail. Thats not always easy when the rail has been there for a long time.

Love to see some digital pictures of this metal sleeve if at all possible. It sounds like they slid the whole lock assembly in through the bottom when the door was built.

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