Mortise lock has no visible screws

I have a sliding glass door in a rental built in 1980. I took the handle off but couldn't see any way to actually remove the lock mechanism. It seemed to be attached to a metal rod that appeared to be the length of the door.

Unfortunately, the rental is in another state and I will not be there again for two weeks. I have a new tenant moving in that weekend so I would like to repair it before they take possession. I apologize that I don't have any pictures, I didn't see your site until I was home. Have you heard of this where the lock is attached to a long rod?
Thank you!


I have never pulled one of these apart but it sounds like you will have to remove the sliding patio door panel and pull the rod out from the bottom.

It will probably be necessary to remove the bottom of the door to gain access to the bottom of the rod. In other doors you have to remove the rollers at the two corner to gain access to the vertical cavity that the rod sits in.

Once you are there, please send me pictures. Happy to help in any way I can

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