Mortise lock fell inside door

by Sian
(San Jose CA)

I just had the glass in the sliding door replaced. I think the workmen banged the door a lot to get the old glass out, which must have caused the spring in my lock to break.

So I decided to fix it myself rather than pay a locksmith. I unscrewed the mortise lock and it fell inside the door frame. I felt very silly and decided I still wouldn't pay a locksmith.

I went to Home Depot and they had mortise locks, so I bought one. Incredibly, it was the right size. I didn't want another lock to fall inside the door. I used tape to hold the latch mechanism out, so I'd have something to grip with bottle nose pliers. After removing the inner and outer door handles with the long bolts, I put the lower bolt back through the door to catch the lock in case it fell in again. Fortunately it didn't.

I'm a mother of two, and I fixed the lock myself. Easy peasy!
(Now just don't tell anyone the broken lock is swimming around inside the door, it's our little secret.)

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