Missing retainer strips

by James
(Toledo, OH)

I own an old house that has a storm door that you trade out the screen and the glass. It has no retainer strips to hold them in and

I have no idea what brand it is or what size/type of strip it takes. Is there a universal strip our their or some other way of determining what I need ?

Hi James;

There are no standard strips you can buy, each one is custom made by the company who made the door.

You might be able to make your own metal clips but thats wont work if you have a moveable sash that has to go past the clip.

If there is a glass shop nearby you can ask them about the problem or ask about glazing vinyl.
There might be a glazing strip close in size that you can adapt.

You might luck out and find one of those old glass shops where they still have lots of old parts still lying around

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