Milgard screen doors difficulties

by Bob Bruton Screen Service
(24816 Narbonne Ave Lomita, California 90717)

I am Bob Bruton Screen Service in Lomita, California. We have been a family owned business since 1968. The following comments do not apply to the actual quality of Milgard windows and doors. They make very nice glass window and door products. There are numerous problems with their screen doors that stem from some inherent problems in their design. First is the depth of their top channel being the same as their bottom channel. The top channel is about 1/2” in depth.

Milgard has all their screen doors manufactured by an independent company. Their height on their standard screen doors is 77 3/4”. This size is actually too big and makes their screen doors nearly impossible for the home owner to remove for repair or roller replacement. Their doors should be 77 5/8” or even less on occasion. They also do not offer stainless rollers. Stainless rollers do exist for their style screen doors where adjustment screw is on the side rail.

Our shop offers stainless replacement rollers if someone needs them. Another problem is the actual width of their top and bottom channels. It is smaller in width than most manufacturers window products so any custom door by any screen company will be a screen door that is slightly too wide and rubs in the 1/2” channel. This problem can usually be overcome by manufacturing a slightly smaller in height door or trying to order a door from Milgard.

There are other problems associated with sliding screen doors from Milgard including some exasperated by the Covid pandemic.

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Apr 21, 2022
I agree
by: Anonymous

I think Milgard outsources their screen doors to China. Poor design with little tolerance for error in screen door size.

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