Looking for a replacement sliding screen door kit

(Midland, ON, Canada)

Our sons friend ran into the screen door in the dark and bent the frame. It is on a family cottage near Midland. The door is one of 3 sliders so we would like it to be a close colour match. I saw your add on Kijiji and you say that you have brown. Our brown is medium brown. I will try to add pictures. 36x78 in frame edge to edge.

Your add say $199 shipped. How long does it take to arrive?


The brown doors I have are commercial brown which is a dark chocolate brown with a matte finish. There are other colours available.

Can you email me using the email address on the home page of www.fixingscreens.com ?

I will send you colours so you can check them against your door frame.

Worst case scenario you could spray paint the door to the right colour but hopefully we can find a match.

Doors take 2 to 3 weeks to fabricate and ship to your door

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