Key lock for sliding patio door

by Danielle W
(Dupont, Washington)

I have the E2014 thumb latch lock on my moms sliding back door. It hasn't been latching and before replacing it with the same thing I would like to know if I am able to replace it with one that she can unlock from the back with a key.
Appreciate any help you could give me on this!

Hi Danielle;

Many patio door handles designed to work with the E2014 lock have a "knock out" on the outside handle.

This knockout is a small disc that you punch out with a screwdriver blade and a rubber mallet so you can install a lock cylinder.

There are lock cylinders with keys if you have the kind of handle thats made for them.

There are also complete handlesets which are keyed and made to work with the E2014 if you do not have the knockout hole already there.

Bear in mind that sliding patio locks are not that secure. You need to use things like pieces of wood to block the door from being jimmied open.

Very few sliding doors have good high security locks.

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