Is this a Prime Line C1018 patio door handle

by Maria
(Pawtucket RI)

Existing patio door handle may not be the original

Existing patio door handle may not be the original

Recently i bought a home where the sliding glass door is in need of repair but I have never seen this type of opening for a mortise lock.

My guess is even the handle they have on there is wrong. I have include pics of the empty hole for the lock. What it suppose to latches on too and how it looks without handle attached.


This looks like it originally had a Prime-Line C1018, these handles all have the type of cutout for the hasp that yours has.

Check the distance between the two round holes for the handle, it should be 3-15/16 inches from center to center, that is a very commonly used hole distance.

You can always drill new holes but then you might need aluminum plates to cover up the old ones

Here is a listing for one of these locks on Amazon. Check the pictures, some of them have dimensions you can verify on your own door.

On this handle the lock is approximately in the center between the two handle holes, your appears to be like that

If the hook looks the same as yours that is another indication that this is the right lock and handle set

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