How to make a food truck window using a storm door

by Daria

Hi, I am running a food stand with a huge service window that is just open air, no glass, just a big rectangular opening (about 32 x 92) with an awning.

The problem is, when the wind comes up it blows dust and dirt right inside, and I have to throw out contaminated food and clean everything. I can't afford a proper window assembly - it would be a custom job and thousands of dollars for that size of window.

I thought it might be possible to use a full-view, vented storm door braced in with a bit of lumber to fill the space and give a large, sliding window that I could close quickly if the wind kicks up. I have read that one cannot use vertical single-hung windows horizontally due to the way they are constructed, but I am wondering if the sliding window on a storm door might be different. I read the story on your site about the person using one for a playhouse window, but it doesn't mention using the you know if a storm door can be fixed horizontally and then function as a sliding window?

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Sep 26, 2022

by: Adrian

There is no reason you could not use a storm door for a sliding food trailer window.

A full view style frame would be best but finding one with a fixed top pane and a sliding bottom panel might be difficult.

Most full frame storm doors come with a single removable glass panel that you can pull out and replace with a full height screen frame.

Usually its the self storing frame types with the kickplate at the bottom that have sliding bottom panel and fixed top panel configuration that you need.

Its also worth going to a storm door manufacturer like York Aluminum Storms in Etobicoke Ontario. Thats where i get custom doors. They dont sell to the public but they can tell you if they can make the horizontal slider style of frame you actually specifically need.

I cant see why they would not be able to do it. It would not cost thousands, im guessing around $600 - $800 as of September 2022

A custom made frame could be easily made 92 inches wide. Most storm doors in the building centers are made 80 - 82 inches so you will need to fill gaps on the left and right with aluminum capping.

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