How to fix a storm door kick panel

by Jill
(Omaha, NE)

Whats the easiest way to slide the bottom metal panel of a screen door back in? Someone popped it out.i can get 3 sides in the track but not the fourth.

Hi Jill

At the four corners of the door there are screws holding the door frame together

Get the panel into the three sides and loosen all the screws all the way to the top of the door on one side. Just loosen them out by 1/4 inch, dont take them out.

On the side that wont go in, remove the screw thats on the bottom frame underneath the door.

Then with a rubber mallet, tap the frame open just enough to let the panel pop back in. It will probably not be easy if the door is old and the frame is corroded. But you only need to open up the frame a tiny amount to get the panel back in.

Good Luck!

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