How to find sliding #glass storm #doors

by Michael M
(New Lenox,Il)

We are looking for a sliding glass storm door to go over our sliding patio door.
We have an old one that we need to replace. It is an 8' door. We know someone makes them, but the one we have has no brand name on it. Help!

Hi Michael

Glenbrook Patio Door in Morton Grove Illinois seems to have good reviews on

What you are looking for is an 8 foot 2 panel sliding patio door without a screen and there are patio door manufacturers all over the USA that make them.

They are like a commodity. The frames are all basically the same and the material choices are aluminum and vinyl, although personally I would go for an aluminum one.

The problem is they generally dont deal with the public. You have to go through install contractors like Glenbrook to find out whats available.

Let me know how it turns out with Glenbrook

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