Help with measuring and ordering spline

by Jennifer
(Athens, GA)

spline on measuring tape

spline on measuring tape


We live in an older house and it has these metal screen frames that hook into 2 brackets at the top and then have 2 latches at the bottom to hold them in. They work great, except that the spline is just falling out of most of them and we'd like to re-do it in time to use our screens for the spring weather!

I am not sure if the spline used was too small to begin with or if it is shrunken over time. I am attaching photos of the spline on a measuring tape as well as one of the screens itself, also with a measuring tape on the channel. I really hope you can help me find the right thing so we can get these fixed!

We also have a few that need new latches, so I have attached a photo of that as well. If you have those I think it will be a miracle! :)

Thanks so much for your help

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Apr 03, 2019

by: Adrian

Thanks so much for the great pictures

The frames you have look like they might be from the 1940,s or 1950,s. Originally I believe they would have had solid metal spline as well as steel screen cloth.

The sample spline you showed me is more modern, looks like 1/4" diameter (0.250") serrated vinyl spline.

I would replace it with 0.270" diameter polyfoam simply because its easier to work with. The vinyl spline has to be exactly the right size but the polyfoam has a bit more give to it and so works with more frames.

The .270 polyfoam is a little bigger than your sample but it needs to be to compress and hold the cloth tight. The 0.270 is available to order on my spline page.

Sorry I dont have any of those clamps.

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