Glass border strips have gaps

by Mary Beth
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Gap in corner

Gap in corner

I have a security door with top and bottom glass panels or can switch to screens. They are held in place by screw in clips. The strip or gaskets (4 pieces; one for each side) are not fitting well on the glass. There are open gaps between the strip and glass. I can’t seem to just push these in place. Suggestions?

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Sep 24, 2022

by: Adrian

These are called glazing strips and they are typically made of a plastic called UPVC or vinyl.

Vinyl can be hard or soft depending on the chemical formulation

When vinyl heats up and cools down repeatedly in the sun it eventually starts to shrink, so really it needs to be replaced with new to get rid of the gaps.

You could try calling the manufacturer of the security door and letting them know about your problem. They just might come and replace the strips after all these security doors can be quite expensive.

To replace them yourself is not impossible its just difficult to find the right material plus you have to find a local glass shop who stocks it.

One company that sells glazing vinyl is CR Laurence in L.A. California. They are the biggest suppliers for glass shops in the world. They do no sell to the public unfortunately. is their website and if you can find a CRL part number for your glazing vinyl you should be able to ask a local glass shop if they stock it or if they would order it in for you.

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