Glass block hopper vent window

by Mike
(Kenosha, wi)

Our dogs ripped the screen out of one of our vent windows to our basement and I am trying to replace the spline that miraculously disappeared as well. It is a plastic frame and I am trying to use 1/8 inch spline that will go I tithe frame by itself but not with the pet screen I have. Any ideas?

Usually you go a little smaller in diameter when you use Petscreen because the material is so much thicker than normal screen cloth.

Trouble is there are not many spline materials made smaller than 1/8" diameter. A softer 1/8" spline might work, because it will squeeze down into the groove tightly. But if you already have a soft polyfoam spline that wont help.

I would even try using electrical wire because you can get it in various thickness or gauges and some are smaller than 1/8" diameter. It would require some experimenting but it should work if you can find a wire just a bit smaller than the spline you already have.

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