Glaas in my storm door is missing

by Eddie
(Westbury NY)

I "inherited "a screen door with my house purchase. It lacks the glass insert and only has the screen insert. For the winter I cut out a carboard panel to fit it and block the cold air.It works but looks terrible I cannot find a glass insert to fit it anywhere.. This screen door is from my attached garage to my House.Any suggestions.The panel measures 26x26 square.I dont know the manufacture of this door either. Eddie, Westbury NY

Hi Eddie;

The glass inserts in storm doors are usually made with aluminum rails that are identical from one door manufacturer to another.

Many local shops stock these rails. If the cardboard cutout you have is the exact size of the old missing glass glass the glass shop can use it as a template to make the new insert.

I would also take the screen to the glass shop as well so they can see how the two pieces fit together and to make sure they have the right extrusion.

There are some storm doors, usually ones made in 1990's and later where the manufacturers started cheaping out and using plastic frames for inserts or using really thin aluminum extrusions.

These unfortunately cant be repaired mainly because its next to impossible to find parts for them.

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