Gap in retractable screen

by Mike M
(Advance, NC, USA)

I bought a Larson storm door with a retractable slide down screen.

The screen stops at a latch at the bottom. Problem is it leaves about a 1/4 inch gap between screen and bottom fixed glass on bottom half of door. Is something missing to close this gap.

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Jun 15, 2019

by: Adrian

Sounds like the easiest way to fix this to get 1/4 inch tall adhesive backed foam weatherstrip and stick it across the top of the fixed glass panel to fill the gap.

A soft EPDM foam would be best because that has the UV stabilizers that prevent it from going brittle in the sun too soon.

If you cant find EPDM then you would just have to replace the foam weatherstrip a little more frequently.

It is possible that the factory forgot to install a piece of trim that would normally seal this gap.

You could try contacting Larson and sending them a picture who knows they might help you with the part.

There are not too many companies who care much about supplying spare parts or even answering questions for that matter.

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