Florida Screen Porch

by Thomas T
(Hobe Sound, Fl)

I lost some screening on my porch in Hurricane Irma and I am trying to replace. The screens that blew out were put in with round spline which I don't think was correct or original.

I have worked with flat spline in the past on other screen porches and once mastered is not that hard to do. The groove profile I have will not accept flat spline easily and there does not seem to be an internal groove on either side of the channel to lock it in.

I have tried round of various sizes and that does not seem to stay in a all. I guess my question is, if I do not have any of the old correct spline how do I determine what is required for the profile I have? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Thomas;

So sorry to hear that you had to face that terrible Hurricane, I hope you are safe and none of your family was hurt

As for the spline, sometimes its a matter of trying a few different sizes until you find what fits. In the big hardware stores you usually only find 0.160" diamter spline and 0.180" diameter spline.

Sometimes they have one size of flat spline but thats about it. To solve this problem can you measure the width of the spline channel as best you can ? Can you take a picture with the measuring tape across the channel ?

Send the picture or the measurement to the email address at the bottom of the home page www.fixingscreens.com I can measure off the picture and estimate what you need. I'm Thinking T spline would be a good choice but we need to figure out width first.

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