Fed up with Fido

Replaced the screen on a sliding patio door last weekend. Dog has not ripped the screen, but this weekend she pushed on the screen hard enough to push it out from the spline. The spline is still snug and in place. Any ideas to prevent this from reoccurring?


I would try replacing the spline with something one size larger so that it is more difficult to push out.

The cloth should not come out if the dog or a person pushes on it.

But it is a bit of an advantage in a way because as long as the screen has not ripped you can roll it back in again.

With the screen held tightly the dog might rip the screen or worse bend the frame.

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Jun 03, 2016
Pet door maybe?
by: Sherwood

Rona now sells two sizes of pet door that appears to clamp through the screen. Haven't tried it yet, as in our country a pet door is an invitation to curious non pets. (Skunks, foxes, coyotes...)

A friend in Vancouver reports that raccoons are very good at pet doors.

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