fat cat....we need air

by Coleen Foran
(Massapequa, long island, NY)

We have a 20 lb. cat and a 6 lb. 8 month midget. We do not want the small Kitty to go out at all. She is too wild and will get hit by a car for sure. Cheddar who looks like Garfield reincarnated keeps pushing out the corner of the Anderson screen sliding patio door....no matter how many times my husband fixes it. We need it open now for ventilation. Can anyone in my area custom make this door to be half plexyglass and half screen? Or can you think of any other solution?


A screen guard could be placed on the lower half of the door to stop the cat scratching from the outside and prevent the screen from being pushed out from the inside

Plexiglass will work and you could get a piece cut at a local glass store. Ask them to drill holes along the edges so its easier for you to mount it on the screen door.

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