Electronic Dog Door

An electronic dog door can be a great way to let your pet come and go as they please, without having to worry about other pets or critters such as raccoons from getting into your house. The pet entrance works by using a special collar which your pet wears. The dog doors electronic lock recognizes the signal from your pets special collar and allows the entrance to open only for them.

Electronic Pet Door

The electronic dog entrance is easiest to install in a wooden rear entrance door. Most often A side or rear entrance to your home can be used. A hole has to be cut in the lower half of the wooden entrance using the cutting template provided by the manufacturer. The electronic dog entrance comes in two halves which can then be placed on both sides of the hole in the wooden entrance. Screws are installed and the two halves are joined together making a neat finished job. The electronic pet door requires batteries but can also be wired into the house power if necessary. So choose a door and location in your home where the necessary wiring wont interfere with using the existing entranceway.

Wall Mounted Doggie Doors

Pet doors can also be installed in an outside wall on your home if you dont mind cutting a hole through the brick with a concrete saw. The entrance can still be installed but will require extra material to line the opening. Some pet entrance manufacturers provide extra kits for doors installed in this way. Also if you are going to the trouble of cutting a hole in your house, you might as well get an electrician to tie the dog entranceway into the house wiring so you are not dependent on replacing batteries.

Pet doors can also be adapted to window installation. Usually this involves cutting a piece of plywood to fit the opening where the screen would normally go. An opening can be made in the new wooden panel and the dog entrance installed in that. This is a simpler way to go if you dont want to cut a hole in your rear entranceway and do not mind losing one window screen for the dog entrance.

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