Dovetail Groove and Spline

by Jim
(Raleigh, NC, USA)

Much like the poster above I have a similar wood related question.

I am working on a historic home and I have to use wood for the frames of my screen on the porch. I was thinking of routing a 1/4" dovetail and using spline. What type of spline and diameter would you recommend? The router width at the shank is 1/8" and the widest part of the dovetail is 1/4" at the bottom. Would T spline be more secure and would it fit? Or should I use another type of spline? I'll be using low visibility nonmetallic screen. The one concession the historic district allowed was not using metal.


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Aug 28, 2019

by: Adrian

1/4" T spline should work. I just wonder if it would have enough room to pivot against the bottom edge and lay flat in a dovetail.

You need room for a spline roller and 1/8" at the top of the dovetail would be pretty narrow. 3/16" shank would be better if available

Easiest way is to use flat bottom groove 3/16" wide and use 0.180" diameter round foam spline which is available everywhere.

Could use 0.200" Dia for a tighter fit.

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