Double screen doors

Double screen doors can be troublesome when they break down and are in need of replacement.

We can help, our double doors are high quality screen door kits with a mating astragal mounted on one so they can meet and lock together in the center. The astragal is an "H" shaped length of extruded aluminum that gets screwed onto the vertical edge of one door.

When the two doors are closed together, the astragal hides the edges of both doors so that they have a consistent vertical line with no gap from top to bottom.

It's strange but many patio doors get installed without screens, sometimes even top of the line doors. Either the screen doors get damaged or simply forgotten when the builder orders the patio door.

Regardless of the reason, my door kits are made to fit any size of double sliding patio door. It does not matter if the door is an inexpensive builder style door or a top of the line Kawneer. All I need is the measurements of your existing broken screen doors or the measurements of the patio door.

Double sliding patio screen doors

The sketch above gives an idea of the information I need to make a set of double sliding patio screen doors. It shows the measurement from the the bottom of the top track to the top of the bottom track at 92"

Sometimes instead of a top track or rail there will be a C shaped channel at the top or header of the patio door. If this is the case, measure from the top of that channel. Lt me know whether your door has a channel or a rail at the top, it affects the height of the new doors.

The picture also shows the width of these particular double screen doors at 37-1/4" (Usually the new screen doors will be identical to the width of the existing glass doors.)

The double screen door kit ships in pieces and is easy to put together yourself. I will help you through the measurement process step by step. If you would prefer not to do your own measuring or screening, get your handyman or contractor to contact me and I will help them get the job done right.

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