Double panel screen door separation

by Alison
(Vero Beach FL)

Double screen doors stuck together

Double screen doors stuck together

I have a triple panel sliding glass door with a double panel screen door. The two screen panels are attached in the middle and it looks like a bug strip was put in to make it permanent.

I can't clean the outside middle glass panel because there is always a screen in front of it. Can the screen panels be separated? I would prefer to be able to have both sides of the door open.


Hi Alison;

From the way the screen doors look one of them has a vertical bar called an astragal that slips over the door next to it. Normally this is used so two panels can close in the middle without being able to see any gaps.

Look for any screws that might be going through the astragal to hold both doors together. Normally they should easily pull apart. They may have just got stuck together from outside dirt and corrosion or they may have been intentionally stuck together. There also might be a lock on the inside that s holding together

My guess is though they did originally pull apart and have just gotten stuck over time

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