Door Window won't open

by P Simpson
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

We have an single exterior door to our patio that is mostly glass but the window at bottom lifts up. The other day something inside the movable window snapped and now we can't open the window. Can this be fixed and how would we go about it?

Storm door window sashes have slide bolts at the bottom of the window that you have to slide over against spring pressure to open the window.

These bolts are often made of brittle aluminum magnesium alloy or worse plastic. Over time both materials can break and then the slide bolt slides back and forth while the point of the bolt remains jammed in the vertical window sash.

I usually try using a sharp awl to dig in and grab the broken piece and slide it over enough to allow the window to move again. You may also be able to lever it out from underneath the window

Shaking the window up and down gently can help too. The vibration can sometimes help loosen the broken pin.

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