Door permanently locked how to open ?

Hi there,
Excellent information, I have a stumper for you. The slider at my beach house is stuck in the shut position. It's locked and the handle has broken off. From your pictures it looks like the e2121 but I can't be sure until I get it open do I have to take the door off and how with it locked.

Thats a nuisance Tony. The first thing I would try is to remove whats left of the handle.

There should be 2 screws holding it on, sometimes the heads of the screws are covered by a piece of trim that slides out or clips out.

If you can get access to the screws loosen them enough to peek behind the handle. On the inside there should be a rectangular slot where the thumb latch fits.

With the handle loosened you may be able to slip a flat screwdriver blade in the hole to turn the latch so it unlocks.

If you cant access the thumb latch hole, use a piece of wire to support the lock so it wont drop inside the door and take the handles right off.

With the handles off there should be enough give to allow jiggling of the lock. You could also try lifting the bottom of the door on the lock side up and down with a screwdriver.

With a bit of luck the latch should come loose so you can get the door open.

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