difficult time figuring out mortise latch model

by N Madrid
(San Antonio, TX USA)

E2013 Patio door mortise lock dimensions

E2013 Patio door mortise lock dimensions

Hello! I hope you can help me!

My house built in 1973, and the door handle on my sliding glass door says 1973; it appears to be the original door lock and latch.
My latch was sticking and I tried to remove it to clean it-unfortunately I didn't research first, and it slipped down into the stile. Without having the actual latch to replicate, I could see it had a rounded face. I ordered off Amazon to the best of my recollection; I ordered the E 2013; but the squared back would not fit into the latch opening.

I ordered another one, E 2121. It also has the round face and the back section is angled so it would fit into the opening. But the space between the adjustable rounded face and bracing section that goes inside to be attached, was not wide enough to slip into the opening. I'm sure I just have the wrong mortise latch, but I can't figure out which one I need. I'm assuming it is the 45 degree lever slot. the E2121 almost fit, but the holes didn't want to line up for the screws that would attach the handle, so maybe the vertical lever slot would make everything else line up. Can you help me figure out which mortise latch I need and do you sell it? Thanks so much!!

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Oct 08, 2022

by: Adrian

From what I am reading it sounds like the E-2121 is correct.

Both the E-2103 and E-2121 have the same handle screw locations so reinstalling the handle should not be a problem

The only thing i can think of is that these locks are sometimes flipped upside down with the hook pointing down.

When that happens the handle hole mounting location change slightly, they either move up or move down.

You put the lock on and drill new holes and you might need a flat piece of white aluminum sheet or capping behind the handle to cover the old holes.

Or try flipping the E-2121 over and see if the handle fits. If it does you will need to flip the hasp on the door jamb over as well. Everything will still work.

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