Deck Enclosures

Deck enclosures close off the entire deck area with insect screening so that the entire deck can be enjoyed free from insects. This type of deck screening system was made popular in Florida but can be used anywhere that protection from insects is a big concern.

Recent problems with the spread of west-nile virus through mosquitoes is only one of the reasons why it makes good sense to protect your family members with this type of structure.

DIY Deck Enclosures

The enclosure in the picture was built with special aluminum extrusions developed in Florida for screened rooms there. It is designed to be put together by the homeowner or do-it-yourselfer.

The rails can be installed onto wooden decking with screws or attached with concrete fasteners to concrete patios. The structure has to be secured properly to your house and deck so it does not get blown away.

The aluminum is strong enough to be self supporting yet not so thick that it takes away from the view outside. The aluminum is also easily compatible with standard patio screen door extrusions so sliding doors can easily be built into the design

The porch also has a hinged door built into the front. The company makes a variety of different models to fit concrete patios and wooden decks. Measure the space you have very carefully to make sure you have room to install the deck enclosure.

The vertical rails do not stand out as much as traditional 4"x 4" wooden porch construction does. The narrow rails also allow very wide openings to be created so you have maximum visibility.

This enclosure is still a do it yourself structure but has more features. It is glassed in and has several sliding patio doors. The sloped roof has transparent polycarbonate panels in aluminum frames which are more durable than a fabric roof.

This type of enclosure must be built on a flat surface such as a poured concrete pad or a wooden deck.

The screened areas can be easily adapted to just about any shape of deck or existing patio. Existing walls, columns and rooflines can be utilized as mounting locations for the enclosure rails.

The material is easy to replace if it ever becomes ripped since panels can be taken down and re-screened without the need for taking apart wooden structures or pulling out staples.

The result is a deck enclosure that feels much more like an additional room in your home, yet still retains the view and the sounds of the outside. 

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