Could I split the spline lengthwise?

by Kim
(Sarnia )

.09375 or 3/32 inch spline

.09375 or 3/32 inch spline

I am trying to put pet screen in an old aluminum frame screen door. The smallest spline I could get was .14. The spline fits in the channel on its own but not with the screen. Would .125 make a difference? I tried cutting the spline lengthwise in half (.07) and this rolls in ok. It seems to hold the screen in place. Am I compromising the fit doing this? Is there a small spline out there? Thank you.

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Jun 27, 2022

by: Adrian

Wow splitting spline in two cant be that easy but I understand what you mean.

So long as it holds the screen in snugly thats good, if its too tight you have to press down so hard its really easy to cut through the cloth

You cant get soft screen spline in 1/16" or .060 inch diameter. The smallest I have is 3/32 or .09375 inch diameter.

You can get this 1/16 inch cord only in 10 foot lengths and it would work but it is more expensive

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