Corners of screens and storm

by Tricia
(Philadelphia, PA)

The corners of one storm and three of my screens have come apart. I'm ready to take to my local hardware store for repair but I hear that could be very costly. Any suggestions? I didn't see my situation addressed above.

Hi Tricia;

It looks like the corner keys in that screen are plastic and are staked in place. The staking makes the keys more difficult to remove without damaging the whole frame.

With a staked frame you have to drill out the 4 dimpled circles at each corner to get the broken corner pieces out.

The frame looks thick enough that you might be able to put the broken corner together and drill a hole for a long screw right through the broken corner.

I would try gluing the corner together and then putting the screw in to hold it all together, at all the corners that are broken. It might keep it working for a few more years.

Finding the right corner keys might be difficult. And if you take the frame to the local glass shop they will probably suggest building a whole new frame.

Atlas Glass Repair in Philadelphia seems to have good reviews. You might try asking them if they are able to repair.

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