Cold drafts and Glass Leaks

by Kelle S.
(Somerville, MA)

I have a storm door at my front door. The door itself isn't very air tight, so the storm helps. But on windy days, it's still quite drafty.

I have ordered some additional clips since a couple of mine have gone missing, but the side that has all the clips was still letting in a lot of air. In the recent cold snap, I resorted to putting duct tape on the seam between the door and the glass just to cut down on the sir infiltration, but this was only marginally better since the duct tape didn't want to stick in the cold.

I'm wondering if there is any insulation specific to this purpose that I could get to cover that area between the glass frame and the door frame.

Hi Kelle;

A storm door is great for protecting your front door against bad weather, but its not not much use at keeping out drafts.

I think it would be much better to seal up the front door behind the storm door with a decent weatherstrippping kit. The kits they have nowadays can seal your front door up like a fridge door without affecting how easy it is to open and close.

The best weatherstripping kits are made by Schlegel and are called Q-Lon. I found this one on Amazon but you can also find them at Home Depot and other places.

I have installed many of these and they work really well at keeping the cold out. The big foam seals are much better than the vinyl you find in most storm doors.

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