Catch on screen door

by Fran
(Kissimmee Florida USA )

Typical Storm Door Catch

Typical Storm Door Catch

Hi.. I had my screen door locked and the ups delivery man came to drop a package .. I was
T able to get to the door in time and he was trying to force the locked door open... maybe he thought it was stuck.. I don't know... anyways when the door tries to close and secure... the lil thingy in there will not catch and secure door closed .. I now have to hold handle to close and make sure it clicks .. whst. An I do to remedy this ? Thank you for your help


Hi Fran;

Most storm doors have a catch mounted on the vertical door jamb. The door lock hooks over this catch when closed.

The catch usually has slots in it so that when you loosen the screws holding it on, you can adjust it in toward the door or out toward the outside.

Your catch needs to be moved back out toward the outside a tiny bit just so it will latch easily again.

I uploaded a picture to show a typical storm door catch, if you have something different it would be very helpful if you can send some pictures.

Hope this helps

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