Cat Door

There are different kinds of cat doors. Some cat doors fit right into a sliding screen and allow the cat to run right through them. A magnetic catch holds them closed when not in use

These doors require a little patience and planning to install. When you remove your screen door for installation of the pet door, Do not lose your orientation and accidentally put the pet door in the top half of your screen door !

Try marking the location of the new entrance with masking tape before removing the slider. That way you will know exactly where to start the install</p>

These doors are installed by placing 2 halves of the plastic pet entrance on either side of your sliding screen while the slider is lying on the ground. </p>

Place a small block of plywood underneath the screen behind one half of the cat entrance and position the door half as precisely as you can so it is square. </p>

Then take the second half and gently hammer the cat opening together with a rubber mallet. The door needs no screws, it stays together with a tight friction fit.</p>

Finally open the hinge flap and cut the screen away so the flap can swing freely in the door opening area.

A small magnet in the flap keeps it closed when the cat door is not in use.

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