Can't remove #storm door frame...Help!

by Diana
(Portland, OR)

Hi Kris,

I wonder if you can help us? We are trying to remove our storm door. We got the door and misc pieces off, but the metal frame is still tightly attached to the door frame and we can't figure out what's holding it on.

There are no visible screws. The only thing I can see are small "holes" surrounded by metal. They look like really thin hollow screws, if that makes sense? (I attached a pic.)

Hi Diana;

Thanks for the great picture.

The frame is most likely held on by the grey caulk all around the frame.

You need to get a sharp utility knife and carefully cut through the caulk from top to bottom and the frame should come off the door frame.

The caulk will have to be scraped off the door frame before you can install any new door because you want a nice flat surface for the new door sit on.

My names Adrian, bur Chris is my middle name, so I answer to that too!

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