Can't find manufacturer of door

by Tony
(South Carolina)

So I cannot find the manufaturer to order the right lock, can you look at my pics and see what type of lock I need and based on handle do you know what company has this door. The only thing I'm coming up with from the glass is PPG 4554. Attached are the pictures.

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May 26, 2019

by: Adrian

Cannot find anyone who is manufacturing a replacement for this lock unfortunately.

Your double point lock looks similar to old single point locks made by Arcadia patio doors in the 1970's

The PPG 4554 number (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) refers to the manufacturer of the insulated glass.

There are a number of double hasp locks that are available and its possible that some could fit in the same mortise or hole that has been cut in the door.

Worst case scenario involves cutting two white sheet metal plates to cover old holes on inside and outside and redrilling new holes for new lock.

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