Cannot get the screen panel back in

by Carol
(Andover, MA)

We have a storm door with moveable glass and screen panels. Last year when the screen panel was down it got a hole so we took it out and repaired the screen. It was colder by then so we left the glass pane down. Now we cannot put the screen back in. It is too wide for us to get it into the runners of the door and it obviously won't bend so we can nudge it in. Is there some trick we are missing?


Would really be great if you could post some pictures because there are different techniques depending on the door you have.

One of the most common problems is that the sash hooks on something when you try to reinstall and you might have to try sliding a flat blade screwdriver up the tracks to see if anything is not level.

Some types of doors have foam rubber behind the tracks on one side. You have to push the whole track in about 1/4 inch to get enough room to reinstall the sash.

When these doors get old, the foam rubber turns into a brick, and wont compress. At least not without a considerable amount of blue language.

Other doors have removeable tracks that have to come out. There are horrible pvc plastic tracks that clip in and shatter when they get old

There are also nice old aluminum tracks with aluminum spring clips that last forever.

Hope this gives you some ideas

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