Can the screen door tighten to the glass door frame?

by Mary
(Northern Wisconsin)

I have been looking at how to tighten the screen door closer to the glass door frame. I know the door and screen door is about 30 years old according to my husband. (We live in a mosquito country for three-four months of the year. He doesn't notice the bites but I sure do!) I need help in repairing this screen. What can I do on my own? I am a handy person. I need some instruction. Thank you.

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Apr 27, 2021

by: Adrian

Hi Mary;

The screen door must be off the track at the bottom, there shouldnt be such a big gap. The screen door usually slides against the door or there is a bugflap the whole height of the door that closes off the gap

Once you have that gap fixed you next close the door and see if it closes flush all the way from bottom to top

If there is light coming in near the top you have have to adjust the rollers on the bottom of the door. Adjust one roller down and the opposite one up if necessary

Same procedure if the light is coming in near the bottom of the door. You want to adjust the rollers untill the door closes perfectly and seals from top to bottom

If you can send me some pictures of the bottom of the screen door, i might be able to tell you where the adjusting screws are

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