Can screen door kit be used as a hinged storm door

by Charles L
(New York, USA)

I'm wondering if your screen door kits can be converted to a storm door with a glass panel that swaps with the screen panel?

No the frame is not intended to support glass panels. About the only thing you could do is drill holes all around the perimeter of a 1/8" thick Lexan clear plastic panel and screw it to the screen frame.

My sliding screen door kits are not intended to be used as hinged storm doors, the aluminum frames are too soft to support screws for hinges without them becoming loose over time.

That being said I have sold screen door kits to restaurants who put hinges on it and use it to get airflow into the kitchen when its really hot in the summer. Its better to use a proper storm door for that purpose because it is designed to work with hinges

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