Can round #window #screen spline fit where flat spline is used

I want to replace my patio screening, and the old spline is flat.

I have a hard time installing flat spline.

Can I use round instead? .190



Depends what shape the spline groove is. Some of the old screen doors from the 1950's used a wide flat screen groove and there is no way you could make a round spline fit in one of those.

But if the screen spline groove is square and only .190 - .200 inches wide there should be no problems.

Some of the old doors use .250 or 1/4" square aluminum as a spline and those can be replaced with .250 or .270 round spline.

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May 05, 2021

by: Adrian

Its possible, depends on the size and shape of the spline channel.

If the channel or groove the spline fits in is at least as wide as it is deep, and its no wider than 0.270 inches then a round spline should fit.

In the USA there are only 2 sizes of flat spline that are most commonly used, especially in states like Florida

Heres one:

Prime-Line Products P 7843 Flat Screen Spline, 5/16 in. (.315) x 100 Ft., Vinyl Construction, Black in Color by PRIME-LINE for $20.19 via @amazon

Heres the other:

50 Ft. of .285 Black Flat Screen Spline by Metro Screen Works for $22.00 via @amazon

If yours is one of those sizes then round spline wont work because they are bigger than any round spline.

May 05, 2021
Flat Splibe newer patio
by: Ellen

My condo and screened patio were built in 2007 and flat spline was used. Am I understanding correctly, that larger diameter round spline may effectively replace it?

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