Can Not Find Spline!!

by Joe G
(Lansdale PA USA)

I live in rural PA in a home built in the early 1990's & am trying to find replacement spline for my screen door (replaceable screen/storm door) and i am not having any luck anywhere. I need a "tape" type spline however am having no luck at any of the hardware stores nor on line. I tried a rubbery 5/16" width product from Amazon, to no avail It's a heavier plastic spline measuring a little better than 3/8". Please see the attatched pics of the spline & hopefully you be able to help me out with this.
Thanks so much!!

Joe Griffo
Lansdale PA

Hi Joe;

I have a couple of different sizes of flat spline that are very popular in screen enclosures in Florida. Sometimes door manufacturers have splines custom made just for their own products and this can be a problem when the products are no longer made or the company goes out of business

Unfortunately the pictures did not come through so I will send you an email and hope you can resend so we can get this situation worked out

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