Can a glass storm door be hung sideways as a window?

by Cora
(Vancouver BC)

My brother is about to build my 3 kids a 16x16 playhouse at our cottage in Cape Breton. I wanted really short, but really wide windows ( I want to place the windows the length of the bunk beds, so kids can look outside while lying in bed.) I want a window at the level of each mattress. (I will secure them so they don't open by mistake.)
Windows would need to be special order, thus very expensive. But I saw an entirely glass Storm door for only $300 (CAD).
Could I turn the glass storm door sideways and install it?
Cape Bretion can get a crazy amount of wind/rain/snow so I'm wondering if the door would stay weather tight.
The playhouse won't be used during the winter, it will not have any insulation , or heat source. But I wouldn't want moisture getting in.
Do you think this would work?
Many thanks,

Hi Cora;

Sounds like a cool idea !

It should work fine as a hopper style window with the hinge at the top. You would need an extra piece of Z Bar or frame the same length as the old top piece to use for the left and right sides. Then you would have the whole "window" framed out out all around.

Would be good to use house wrap all around the structure to keep the water out during the winter. Wrap all the window openings all the way to the inside. Install the drip flashing at the top before putting the storm door hopper window in.

You would probably need a drip flashing at the top to stop water getting in and another at the bottom to get water away. The flashing could be bent at home just from flat stock at home Depot. Or use an existing drip flash from there.

Caulk the opening all around before you set the door in place so the frame is sealed as best as possible.

If you played around with door closers you could probably get the window to be held open

Please send me pictures when you get it done !

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