Broken vinyl #screendoor bottom track has me frustrated

by Ken

Aluminum angle screen door bottom track

Aluminum angle screen door bottom track

I have ALL Amarr windows in my home; including the sliding glass patio door. Amarr is no longer making windows or doors; only garage doors.

The BOTTOM track on my screen door to my slider is broken. This is a vinyl unit with a center raised bead that the screen door rollers ride on. This unit is removable.

At this point, I am figuring on cutting out the broken part and shortening the entire track to allow what will be the "missing" section to reside on the far side of the track where we rarely slide the door (full open position).

I would like to know if you offer a replacement track part for a door of this style. Thanks.

Hi Ken;

Yes I have replaced vinyl bottom screen door tracks before with my aluminum angle screen door track.

Its a bit of a pain because you have to cut away the old track with a utility knife to get a flat surface to mount the new track.

It takes time to get the surface flat enough so that the new track goes on perfectly straight. But once you do that, you can just attach the new track with sheet metal screws and you wont have to worry about the track breaking and cracking ever again.

You can find my bottom track kit here:

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