Broken #storm #window panel clips

by Martin

Storm Window Panel Clips

Storm Window Panel Clips

Both are broken and I can no longer adjust the size of the screen opening of the inside window. How do I remove the two clips at the bottom of the window and who has replacement clips?

Hi Martin;

I have some storm window panel clips but there are quite of lot of different shapes and sizes. I uploaded a picture of one of them so you can see the parts that make them up.

The panel clips are held in by a the tiny metal nib in the picture. The nib sits in a small slot cut into the bottom of the window frame and is held in place by the pressure of the spring.

Look in the bottom of the window frame at each side and you will see the small cutouts. Using a pointed tool push the little nib in slightly while pulling sideways on the panel clip

The whole clip, spring and nib should slide out of the frame. Be sure to catch the parts as they fall out.

If the clips are broken the spring and nib may already have fallen out and become lost. You may need to take out the good working panel clip so you know exactly what shape of clip to look for.

Try going to your local glass shop and show them the broken clip. Quite likely they may have them. Its possible you may find them at big box hardware stores but they only carry a few types and often none at all.

If you still cant find them send me a picture and I will see if my supplier carries the type of panel clip you need

Hope this helps

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