Broken side bolt

by Elizabeth Taylor
(Bethpage, TN)

We have a full view storm door that has sliding glass panes. Last year the top pane of glass abruptly fell, exposing the screen. You can raise it and it may stay, but will most likely fall again. The only thing that I have been able to find wrong with the door is a broken side bolt on the left hand side of the upper pane. Would this be what is causing the pane to fall? I feel like common sense is yes, but I wanted to make sure before ordering the parts and going to the trouble of replacing them. Thanks so much for your time!


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Mar 13, 2019

by: Adrian

Hi Liz;

Yes the pane is likely falling because of the broken slide bolt. The one on the other side probably has a weak spring or its worn and just falls out of the notches that lock the panel in place.

I would replace both slide bolts. There must be 100 different shapes and sizes of slide bolts and I do not know what kind you have.

Pretty much all of them are made up of a bolt, a spring and a wedge pin. Usually you replace them by flipping the window upside down and pressing on the wedge pin to allow the bolt to slide right out of the frame.

If you cannot find yours locally just send me pictures and I will see if I can locate them for you

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